About Us

Capital Techies has redesigned the way technology services are provided – from the ground up

It’s as common-sense as it is revolutionary. We don’t start with solutions, we start with questions. Lots of them. Then we listen.
Service providers have a well-earned reputation for sharing the answer before knowing the problem. We dig deep to understand your business, share your vision and guide your success.

Managed IT Services

You know all those things you hate about your IT experience? We get it, and we did something about it. We’ve turned IT management upside down.

On Demand & Emergency Support

The same values and processes that have long been the foundation of TotalCare, our wildly successful managed IT services offering, are also available as needed in On Demand situations.

Cloud IT Solutions

We absolutely love the advantages that cloud services bring and we commit to finding the balance between all of the advantages of the cloud without encouraging change just for the sake of “going to the cloud”.

We're capable, reliable and responsive!

Contact us and we’ll make sure you don’t regret it. Whether you know exactly what you need or just know that you need help, we’ll guide you in the right direction. You won’t have to talk to a sales person, because we don’t have any. Give us a call or submit this handy form and we will get the conversation started!

Capital Techies
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