Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your Data and Ensure Business Survival after a Crisis

Disasters happen – whether fire or flood, cybercrime or technology failure. Many unexpected things can cripple a business. What makes the difference is how prepared you are for a crisis event and how quickly your support provider can respond to get you back up and running fast. This is why a reliable Cloud Backup and thoroughly tested Disaster Recovery plan are essential today.

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    Cloud Backup

    Our Cloud Backup service offers a simple, effective, and reliable method of backing up your servers to our Managed Cloud. We use the same technologies that power our Capital Cloud to back up your servers off-site to our secure US data centers. Industry-leading technology allows us to deliver a flexible, tailored backup solution with various recovery options when you need them most.

    Advanced Technology

    Our Cloud Backup solution is based on a combination of market-leading ShadowProtect and Veeam software and our Capital Cloud infrastructure, including on-premise storage appliances, US data centers, and managed private network links.

    ShadowProtect backups of your on-premise servers can be rapidly recovered as Virtual Server images in our data center.

    Key Benefits

    • All backups stored in US data centers
    • Initially seed backup data via USB hard disk to avoid lengthy uploads
    • Incremental and synthetic full backups to limit data transfers
    • Fully restore systems and data to a chosen past point-in-time after disaster strikes.
    • Configurable backup scheduler to automatically take full and incremental backups of your system at intervals you specify.
    • On-site support to assist with recovery
    • Recover to USB hard disk for delivery anywhere in the US within 24 hours
    • Automatically backup SQL, Exchange, and other critical applications.
    • Enjoy simplified migration to new servers or hypervisors with StorageCraft Hardware Independent Restore.
    • Mount ShadowProtect backup images as NTFS shares so you can verify data and application integrity with StorageCraft ImageReady.
    • Recover individual files or entire servers
    • Backup multiple local servers to a local  “staging” appliance
    • Use VirtualBoot technology for quick failover to a VM.
    • Professional contract that guarantees delivery of your data to an office you nominate at the end of the term.
    • Rapidly recover from bare metal to the same system, dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments with StorageCraft Hardware Independent

    Disaster Recovery


    Our Managed Disaster Recovery service will fully protect you and get you quickly back up and running. We’ll provide you with a complete cloud-hosted environment with remote access to your applications and data.

    Not only will your servers be recovered straight away, but your staff will also be able to log in to a familiar desktop from any terminal, home office, or Microsoft device with an internet connection.

    If Disaster Strikes

    • Your servers are recovered to our Cloud environment
    • You’ll receive a guaranteed time to recover and recovery point objective SLA for all server, apps, and data
    • Your staff will receive remote access instructions as per your Disaster Recovery plan
    • Our Field Services team will deliver spare hardware, wireless internet connections and other assistance

    Complete Peace of Mind


    Relax with a regularly tested disaster recovery plan, backed by an experienced IT partner with the support and engineering capacity to do whatever it takes to get you back up and running. No waiting for new servers or your data to arrive. Your applications and data will be fully protected so you can return to business.

    What’s your Disaster Recovery Plan?

    We can create a plan, train staff, test, implement and action your complete Disaster Recovery solution.

    We’ve had the whole head office taken out by a
    lightning strike a couple of years ago. The guys were
    straight out and had us back up within a day.
    By Simon Malesev

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