How Changes to the Microsoft Donation Program will Affect You

Nonprofit Managed IT Services

If you’re like many non-profits, you may benefit from the Microsoft Non-profit program. This endeavor has enabled nearly 400,000 organizations worldwide to access top-notch technology at discounted rates. However, there are going to be some major changes to the software donation program that will take place on April 4, 2022, that you should be aware of.

Arguably, the largest change that will take place is that on-premises products will no longer be available to nonprofits as a donation. Microsoft defines on-premises products as “standalone, perpetual licenses that users install on specific computers and that can be used without an internet connection (e.g., Office Standard)”. Instead, most on-premises solutions will continue to be available through cloud donations, but organizations can still request these products until April 4, 2022. Windows Pro, Windows Server, and SQL Server will still be part of the catalog of on-premises Microsoft software. Organizations operating computer labs, training centers, or providing public-access computers will still be able to access specific on-premises product donations.

Below are some of the cloud donations that will be available for your organization following this change:

Microsoft 365 Business Premium will continue to be free for up to 10 users
Microsoft 365 Business Basic licenses will continue to be free for up to 300 users
The Power Apps Per-App plan to build low-code and no-code custom workflows are available for free for up to 10 seats.
Organizations can also leverage up to $3,500 in Azure services yearly directly from Microsoft in markets where Azure is available.

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