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Cable and low-voltage wiring installation requires expertise and engineering to get done right. That’s something Capital Techies can guarantee.

We provide structured cable and low-voltage wiring installation for businesses in Washington DC, Maryland, Fairfax County, and Virginia. Capital Techies offers full support for all major types of wiring and cabling, including CAT5e, CAT6, network cables, low-voltage wiring, fiber and more.

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    Cat5e, Cat6/6a, Cat7, Coax, and Fiber Optic Cabling Company in Washington DC

    We design and install structured office data/voice/video network wiring/cabling of office computer systems for businesses in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia since 2005.

    And if you call upon us, we can come out quickly to access your project. We will take notes and photos of your workspace and develop a Proposal that will give you a complete solution to all your objectives at no charge.

    • We do ethernet and fiber cabling in the Washington DC metro area (Cat 5e, Cat6/6a Cat7 and Fiber)
    • Voice and VoIP cabling systems
    • Fiber Optic backbone and risers in Washington DC and the surrounding metro area
    • VoIP Business phone systems and setup
    • Computer Data Wiring and Office Network installation
    • Wireless Access Point (WIFI) | Setup and Optimization
    • Security and Access Control, including CCTV, Security Cams & Video Surveillance Installations
    • Installation of Alarm Cabling in the Washington DC metro area

    Comcast and Fiber Cabling Washington DC

    Get a professional quote on fiber cabling with services from Capital Techies. Get speeds of over 1,000mpbs with professional installation and service of your high speed business internet network. Professional installation of Comcast fiber and high-speed network cabling in the Washington DC metro area. Enjoy high speed internet with a professional Comcast cabling installation near me.

    Low Voltage Cabling and Wiring For Your Project

    Low Voltage Cabling and Wiring For Your Low Voltage Project

    Low Voltage Cabling and Wiring For Your Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia

    Get a professional low voltage company in the Washington DC metro area to install your network backbone. Capital Techies provides you with the services to professionally install any low voltage needs for audio/visual, security systems, business networks, speaker systems, and more. Get a professional consultation and installation for low voltage wiring and cables near me.

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    Drive Profitability with Structured Cabling Company in Fairfax

    As a business owner, you must understand that your network cabling wiring can affect your bottom line in the long run. The quality of your connection determines your profits and employee performance. We bear it in mind and ensure reliability and security for your network infrastructure. Rest assured, we never let you down!

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    Why Choose Us


    • Network cabling wiring solutions from scratch
    • Upgrading existing infrastructure
    • Seasoned experts to handle complex projects
    • Use of reliable, high-quality components
    • Dependable provisioning and maintenance
    • Scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness
    • Round the clock support you can rely on
    network cabling wiring va

    We recently partnered with Capital Techies over a year
    ago, and have been delighted with their quality of
    service, attention to detail, and the care taken to
    understand our business and provide a support
    solution that fits our needs both now and as we change.

    By Namon Duke,

    Chief Financial Officer, Duke Properties Group

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a structured cabling system?
    A Structured Cabling System (SCS) is a flexible system that combines copper and fiber optic cables, making linking all types of equipment possible. A single type of cable can connect any type of device, from telephones, computers, printers, and faxes to more modern devices. This means less work finding new wiring when you need to move your office or upgrade equipment. The SCS adapts as needed to meet your evolving needs, saving time and reducing costs.
    What should the end deliverable be for structured cabling services?
    When you design your system, it should be designed to support what the customer needs now and for at least the next 10 years. The Main Distribution Frame and Intermediate Distribution Frames should be well-thought-out, and cables should be neatly dressed.

    It should include additional cable runs that provide for a wireless overlay, plenty of bandwidth in the backbone to handle bandwidth needs when they drastically change, and never enough to do anything with it if the customer never asks for more.

    What are some common issues in network cabling?

    Here are a few issues that might arise in network cabling wiring:

    • The cabling does not meet the standards
    • The cabling is outdated
    • The cables and connectors are not compatible.
    • The patch cords are of poor quality
    • The cables are not properly installed
    Why should I invest in structured cabling services?

    Along with the benefits of flexibility, you’ll also get the reliability you need by installing a structured cable system. With a conventional system, you would expect to see wires or cables tangled up and going in multiple different directions. With a structured wiring system, your infrastructure delivers optimal performance and can accommodate additions and modifications.

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