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Communicate across your organisation, within your teams and with the outside world.
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Communication brings your people together

Communications is where everything in your IT stack starts to come together for an organization. Once you have the right underlying infrastructure, connectivity solutions and applications, working with your colleagues, clients, and suppliers becomes much easier and more efficient.

Unified Communications

In the modern office, there are many ways to communicate. Which means there are often multiple systems which can be used for overlapping purposes. Different methods to achieve similar results can be confusing to staff, increase training requirements and lead to frustration and wasted energy.

Deciding which communication tools to use for what purpose, is no easy task. Capital Techies can assist by tailoring a Unified Communications system that suits your organisation, and we’ll ensure it keeps working for you.  With no vendor bias.


Managed Telephony

Telephony is at the heart of every organisation’s communication system. A cost-efficient, reliable and flexible system is critical for any organisation.

Capital Techies can help you chose, implement, train and support your people in proven telephony solutions.


Collaboration and Video Conferencing


Enabling people to get access to the right information at the right time, wherever they are, is what makes collaboration tools so powerful. To access shared files, messaging or video, we can help you select and set-up the right platform, applications, and hardware to make communications reliable and easy.

Importantly, we won’t just train your staff on how to use the equipment. We’ll educate them on how to get the most from your investment.


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