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Managed Telephony Solutions

Looking for a cost-effective, reliable, and flexible managed telephony platform? Capital Techies has the experience and consulting capability to match the right telephony solution to suit your requirements.

Telephony you can rely on

Capital Techies CAPTEC CALL solutions provide a diverse range of managed telephony systems depending on your needs. Use the right phone system that provides the features, flexibility, and integration tailored to you.

CAPTEC CALL Essentials

A cloud-based solution that is suitable for most small to mid-size businesses powered by Intermedia.

CAPTEC CALL Enterprise

Ring Central caters for businesses with more sophisticated or custom requirements, call center or those needing on-premises failover.


Ideal for those looking to leverage their investment in Office 365 and its collaboration tool Microsoft Teams, for an all-in-one communications system.

CloudCALL Voice, Data and Video

Capital Techies CAPTEC CALL is a sophisticated voice communications platform that provides an enterprise-grade phone system for your entire office network.

With our CAPTEC CALL range, you no longer have to deal with isolated phone systems at each office. Everyone can take advantage of the latest IP PBX features and functionality. CAPTEC CALL lets you combine your voice, data, and video into one multi-service network.

Unified messaging can be deployed across the entire business, helping to transform your customer service culture and internal productivity.

CAPTEC CALL can also integrate your VoIP system with your company email and directory systems. Allowing your users to dial a contact from within an email client at the click of a mouse.

Get the latest VoIP features in a secure and reliable environment


Core Features

  • Unlimited local, mobile, national and international phone call
  • Enterprise-grade VoIP feature set including call centre and other advanced options
  • Unmatched business continuity in the event an office is lost
  • Open standards-based technology so assets won’t be stranded

Cost Savings

  • Save with one network for voice and data, replacing old and expensive voice lines
  • Central group administration
  • Customizable billing down to the handset
  • Optional account codes and access codes ensure cost center accountability

Productivity Gains

  • Auto attendant and call center queues can encompass the entire organization
  • Company-wide extension number plan
  • Company-wide unified messaging
  • Fixed and mobile phones can work together
  • Central group administration reduces the cost and need for multiple customer service teams

Network Architecture

  • Geographic redundant High Availability (HA)
  • Redundant Meshed MPLS Cisco Core
  • 24/7 Remote Support Services for priority issues

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