Connectivity is at the core of every successful IT environment
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Reliable, Cost-Effective Connectivity

Without connectivity, work quickly grinds to a halt. Our network Mobility Solutions are trusted by some of Australia’s best-known organisations spanning Government, Finance, Retail, Manufacturing and Health care. We can guide you on the right mix of connectivity solutions and provide the support to keep you moving.

Internet Services

Get all of the internet services you’d expect from a business grade ISP, including Fibre, Ethernet, nbn™, Microwave, Mobile and of course ADSL products. Combined with features such as multi-carrier failover, diverse multi-homed internet pathways, and peering on the world’s largest carrier-neutral network, the Equinix Internet Exchange.


Mobility Solutions


Capital Techies are experts in the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of complex multi-carrier WAN solutions. Our core network &Mobility Solutions are designed and dimensioned to provide uncongested switching and transmission performance. Customers can be assured of maximum throughput and minimum latency throughout the MPLS network.



Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (or SD-WAN) can replace or extend MPLS networks in some situations by offering simplification, cost reduction, performance optimisation, and redundancy. Capital Techies provides the monitoring service over one of the largest SD-WAN networks in the JAPAC region.


Cost-Effective Connectivity

Reliable, Mobility Solutions for cost-effective connectivity is essential for your internal local area network (LAN) and external communications (WAN).

The Capital Techies Advantage

The greatest advantage of our connectivity and managed network solutions is that our core business is user support. Because we’re accountable for your end-user satisfaction and provide an unlimited support service desk, we must design managed networks that deliver on their promise.

Our wholesale partnerships with a selected group of carriers mean we have a broad range of Mobility solutions at highly competitive price points, which offer:

  • Networks designed around your requirements, rather than any particular carrier or technology
  • Redundancy is included where possible (and where cost effective)
  • Diverse carriers are used to limit the chances of a complete outage
  • If there is a problem, we go well above and beyond the carrier’s SLA to resolve the issue.
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