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With a Virtual CIO, every organisation can have a Senior IT Executive.
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Your Virtual CIO – all the Expertise for Less

If you don’t have a full-time resource to manage your IT, our Virtual CIO (vCIO) service gives you on-going access to one of our most senior executives. The vCIO role includes creating an annual Strategic IT Plan, consulting regularly with your senior management team and managing IT performance within your organisation. All for a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

Get your IT Strategy Right

Your Virtual CIO will assess your existing IT infrastructure and correctly prioritise the areas that need the most attention. Our Managed IT experience means we know where to spend your budget to maximise business impact and avoid over-investment. Following the review, a Strategic IT Plan will be developed, with specific action items, timelines, and budgets.

The right IT plan can help transform your business by focusing on what truly matters, such as freeing staff and improving your customer experience.


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Business Continuity Planning

With IT now so pervasive, few organisations can function normally when faced with a severe failure. Even minor problems can result in a huge amount of lost productivity across an organisation and impact revenue.

A Virtual CIO can create a plan that will do more than keep the lights on. They will assess business risk areas, identify high priority systems, and create plans and processes to minimise any impact. Key action items include ensuring staff are trained to quickly identify issues and react correctly, and that alternative plans are tested to ensure they work as expected.


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not about being a pioneer and taking unnecessary risks. It’s about the right advice so you can leverage technology for predictable improvement.

When assessing the best path for your digital strategy, a vCIO from Capital Techies has a wealth of expertise at their finger-tips. Rather than relying on the knowledge and experience of an individual or a vendor, they can tap into dozens of technical specialists and a bank of project outcomes, to plot the most effective course.


Doing it all yourself – you wouldn’t even know what’s possible.

By Liz Hollingdale

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