Server Management

Server Management


Managing data servers is a crucial function for any business, regardless of its size and scale. But it is more complicated than you imagine. It involves updates, backups, uptime monitoring, troubleshooting issues, and more. Handling these tasks requires expertise, and it is best to find a server specialist you can depend on. Capital Techies is a name you can rely on for dependable server management services for your business. We manage and monitor your server activities and ensure that it is up and running 24/7 without any glitches. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals who know the A to Z of server management. We are right there to keep your server operating at maximum reliability and efficiency.

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    Save Costs With Reliable Server Management

    Managing and monitoring your servers is a task no business can overlook. But having an in-house team for the job can be a burden on your business budget. Collaborating with us gives you access to reliable services without burning a hole in your wallet. You have a team as dependable as in-house professionals at a fraction of the cost.

    Focus On Your Core Business Without Server Woes

    It can get hard to focus on your core business when server management keeps you occupied. You cannot go slack with it because even the slightest glitch can derail your work. Our server management services free your time so that you can focus on your business. You never have to worry about server monitoring, taking backups, and managing emergencies.

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    Why Choose Us


    • Proactive analysis and management
    • Regular software updates and backups
    • Uptime monitoring and downtime investigation
    • Reliable, round the clock support
    • Cost-effective services that excel in quality
    • Professional service delivery management and team leaders.
    • Scalable, flexible, and high-performance solutions

    We recently partnered with Capital Techies over a year
    ago, and have been delighted with their quality of
    service, attention to detail, and the care taken to
    understand our business and provide a support
    solution that fits our needs both now and as we change.

    By Namon Duke,

    Chief Financial Officer, Duke Properties Group

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