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The demands for flexibility in IT can put quite a strain on IT Managers and internal teams. Help is available though. Here’s what can be done and how we can help you achieve your team’s goals.

Why IT Managers need support with their IT

Gaining additional expertise and technical resource will help you contribute fully to your organization’s goals. There are a number of areas in which we can help improve your IT function, including both day-to-day operations as well as with more strategic options.

There are numerous additional benefits, such as:

  • You can manage your IT productively, driving the business forward, rather than getting bogged-down in firefighting or reactive activities that result from the clash between urgent priorities and limited time and resource.
  • Flexibility – your resource can grow and contract depending on how busy you are, meaning your function offers better value for money and greater flexibility to the whole business.
  • Your organisation will value IT more when they see it as an enabler rather than as a cost to the business.
  • It’s a fast and cost-effective way to boost your available tech knowledge, gain niche or specialist knowledge, and to obtain access to operations that are already in line with industry standards and best practise, such as ticket management and Service Desk functions.
  • You get to focus on your core functions during projects (e.g. during roll-outs) and during changes (such as office moves).
  • All of the above means greater job satisfaction for you as the manager of the IT function.

How we support IT Managers and internal teams

You can either complement your existing team, or fully outsource any of the following areas, for example:

Service Desk or help desk function

With our highly efficient service management systems, SLAs and reporting, we can take on the entire support function. We’re also able to work with you, handling 1st line support or offer 3rd line expertise to add to the capabilities of your own support team.

Monitoring & event management

We can offer 24×7 monitoring of your key systems and give you a heads-up when critical changes take place. This is a step towards compliance in Event Management, and will help you focus on important matters.

Staffing cover & flexible resource

Finding quality and trustworthy technical resource is very difficult. Our people are experienced and fully accredited, and can be there, as part of your team, to cover absences such as holiday and sickness, or if you happen to be unusually busy and need a helping hand to tide you over. We can help whether your requirement is for a single day or for several weeks.

Vendor management

We already have great relationships with leading manufacturers and developers through the volume of business we do with them and as a result of our commitment to them with things like training. We can pass these advantages through to you when it comes to building specifications for solutions, getting quotes, and troubleshooting hardware, for example.

Advice & consultation

With the fast and wide pace of IT change, it’s always a good idea to have a second pair of hands and eyes to offer advice and, especially when you’re rushed off your feet, to act as a sanity check on proposals and ideas for change.

Help with projects & installs

As well as additional resource, we can help with all stages of the project life cycle, from feasibility through to post-install support, and all stages in between.

Capital Techies Managed Service Provider Washington DC

Why Capital Techies?

  • We see working with you as an investment in our future as well as yours
  • We put service quality and your business objectives first
  • We strongly believe in the importance of no-nonsense communication, pitched at the right technical level to ensure full understanding
  • We strive to be transparent when it comes to pricing and progress
  • We offer a flexible range of support options, such as 24×7 monitoring, remote, onsite, extended hours, SLAs and reporting

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