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Elevate your Commercial Real Estate Managed IT Services with Capital Techies' comprehensive IT support. Our tailored solutions are designed to streamline property management, enhance tenant experiences, and optimize energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a property management solution, looking to install technology & security into your properties, or need powerful reporting software to give you the analytics to make important decisions, Capital Techies can help support your staff and business in running efficiently in these tasks.

We integrate BMS/BAS/EMS controls to provide centralized oversight of your property’s critical systems. Monitor and control lighting, HVAC, and security to maximize energy efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Capital Techies implements cutting-edge camera systems for heightened security and remote monitoring of amenity spaces. Ensure tenant safety and satisfaction with 24/7 surveillance. We prioritize sustainability by incorporating green technology solutions into your infrastructure. Reduce your environmental footprint while meeting tenant demand for eco-friendly spaces.

Our IT services empower efficient communication between property management and tenants. Enhance connectivity, troubleshoot issues, and foster productive relationships.

What Capital Techies can do for you

Explore innovative solutions

Energy efficiency

IoT and smart building technology

Optimize your networking and security

Sustainable practices

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Which Capital Techies solutions are right for me?


Helping you optimise your purchasing strategy and ensuring you invest smartly to meet your needs

Solution Design & Delivery

Leveraging proven methodologies to shape and implement a future-ready IT infrastructure


Ensuring your network infrastructure meets your current priorities and is scalable to support your changing needs

Managed Services

Delivering a tailored Managed Services solution that matches your organisation’s technology priorities as they evolve

Cloud Solutions

Understanding your strategic vision and identifying a future-ready cloud solution that’s right for your long-term growth

Microsoft 365

Going beyond Microsoft 365’s core components and enabling you to get the most out of this powerful suite

Cyber Security

Implementing and sustaining best-practice security for your enterprise to ensure you stay ahead of the threat

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