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Across Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, IT decision-makers are working with Capital Techies to re-engineer their technology to optimize performance and cost efficiency and allow them to focus on initiatives that maximize value for their business.

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Our Solution Design and delivery team works closely with clients to exploit the best methodologies and technologies to design, plan, and implement innovative IT solutions.

Our collaborative approach enables you to leverage our technical expertise. Our priority is to put you in a great position to maximize uptime and support future growth.

Our solution design & delivery at a glance…

Specialist technical expertise

Experienced, certificated Project Managers delivering your solution from start to finish

Scaleable methodologies

Flexible processes can be adapted and applied to both small and large scale projects

Close collaboration

Scoping discovery workshops to define requirements and agree your picture of success

Scaleable solutions

Our infrastructure solutions are scalable and focus on maximizing uptime to support your future growth

Joined together design and delivery

End-to-end support ensuring your solution and implementation stays aligned to agreed ambition

Converged infrastructure

Converged, automated solutions simplify the infrastructure stack and deliver operational savings

Driven by governance

NIST frameworks and implementation conventions guide and align our processes

Backup and disaster recovery

Partner with leading providers to deliver best-in-class data back-up and disaster recovery

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