Optimizing your purchasing strategy

Procurement that adds up

When your operations rely on your digital infrastructure to perform reliably, consistently, and cost-efficiently, your buying strategy becomes a vital consideration.

Across devices, networks, software licensing, and beyond, Capital Techies will create an effective and sustainable procurement solution that works for you — and your budgets.

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Where you need it, when you need it

Capital Techies’ relationships with the leading US hardware suppliers, software businesses, and IT distributors means we can provide a comprehensive suite of products at cost-effective rates where and when they’re required.

Capital Techies’ innovative approach to procurement will help you align your buying strategy with your current technology, future projects, and investment parameters. 

Our procurement solution at a glance...

Fully managed rollouts

Our deployment plans are tailored to your needs — minimizing downtime and risk

Asset tagging

Device asset tagging and serial number cataloguing simplifies distribution, tracking and management

Multiple location shipping

Our operations team will manage the entire rollout to multiple sites and office locations

Device customization

We can organize for logos, stickers, skins and protective cases to be applied to devices

Device lifecycle management

Our proactive notifications will ensure your devices stay covered by support and maintenance

e-waste removal

We can collect and supervise the disposal of certified e-waste to meet environmental commitments

Sensitive freight delivery

Where critical technology infrastructure is being relocated, our special transfer services can ensure success

Secure data destruction

Certified, multi-phase hard drive wiping ensures the secure destruction of data to organizational requirements

Software packaging and deployment

We’ll help package, deploy and manage your environment to meet your specific needs

Online ordering

View your quote, edit quantities, create your order and digitally sign off for purchasing

Electrical testing

We can test and tag electrical equipment to standards

Local, secure warehousing

We can hold buffer stock for you, configure devices and make shipments with same day/next day SLAs

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